Monday, 25 January 2010

Behind The Scenes: How A Movie Show Is Made

  1. Reading screen: IMDB, Wikipedia etc. Box office top ten comes from IMDB, whilst the TV listings are taken from Radio Times

  2. Clock. The only remaining analogue tech in the office. Show goes out at midday on Saturday, so everything needs to be wrapped up by 11.40am at the latest. Have had too many near misses due to slow downloads or lengthy CD burn times.

  3. Acer Aspire One netbook running iTunes and YouTube for music downloads. Movie soundtracks constantly downloading all morning on a Saturday. I take this netbook into the studio to refer to notes in Evernote (see below)

  4. An ageing - 7 yr old - Packard Bell iGo 4451 laptop; the "writing" computer. All notes for the show are created using Evernote, which syncs with all other laptops & devices.

  5. Network hard drive (Buffalo NAS) which archives all music and other downloads. This is a dual-disk model; disks are mirrored and can be easily swapped should one fail.

  6. iPhone, on a stand, for keeping up with social networks (Facebook, Twitter), RSS feeds and email (remember that?)

  7. Portable microphone with SD card storage (Zoom S2) for recording interviews

  8. Coffee, usually from The Deli, or from Dibble & Grub in the summer

  9. In case of power cuts or internet outages: paper copy of an old Haliwell's film guide

  10. iPod Touch. All music for the show is held on here as a backup in case the CD player in the studio fails.

  11. Sight & Sound magazine, published by the BFI. Handy for finding esoteric words like "diagetic" to describe films.

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